Fire Flower

Price: 215.00 USD
Handmade out of an old sun umbrella and canvas from an old caravan awning. Recycling and repairing is caring. This painting pulses pure positive energy.


Price: 140.00 USD
Made entirely by hand out of recycled materials.

Wall Mask

Price: 450.00 USD
This piece is made with a wire netting frame with paper mach'e over top finished with Gib plaster and enamel paint. Smooth to the touch. One half of the face is purple and the other half is blue followed by a silver grid pattern over top to catch and reflect light within the space. Made entirely by hand, Incredibly protective against negative energy and malevolent forces. Protects not just your space but your entire home when displayed properly. Live life, create and celibrate all beauty.

Power Star

Price: 316.00 USD
Made with Canvas from a 1970's Caravan Awning, stretched by hand, over an old window frame. Bright Neon paint.

Electric Stargazer

Price: 157.00 USD
Triple charged with good energy to bring forth your hidden desires and transmute them into fortune and luck

Large Face

Price: 630.00 USD
Lots of knowledge within this painting grab a bargain sure to increase in value.

Big Man

Price: 630.00 USD
Inspired by the unseen world around us, this painting is large and in charge.